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Home of the green wave


Home of the green wave

Tickets/Season Passes/Top 65

Oswayo Valley School District

Ticket Prices

Home Regular Season Events

Jr. High                                                                                 Adult                     $2.00

                                                                                              Student                $1.00

JV/V                                                                                      Adult                     $3.00    

                                                                                              Student                $1.00

**Note:  Ticket prices are for regular season events only.  They do not include tournaments and PIAA District IX events.

**Only District IX passes will be accepted with the exception of wrestling, then Otto-Eldred Faculty/Staff only passes will be accepted.

All Season Passes

 (Includes all Sports – Jr. High, JV and Varsity)

Family                                                                $75.00

Individual Adult                                               $45.00

Individual Student                                           $25.00

Season Passes

(Individual Sports and Jr. High Sports)

Season Passes                                                   Family                   Adult                                    

JV/Varsity Volleyball Only                             $40.00                   $30.00                  

JV/Varsity Basketball – Girls Only                $40.00                   $30.00                  

JV/Varsity Basketball – Boys Only                $40.00                   $30.00                  

Wrestling Jr. High and Varsity                       $25.00                   $16.00                  

Both Jr. High Volleyball and Basketball       $40.00                   $31.50                                                                  

Jr. High Volleyball Only Adult (One Price)   $16.00                                                                  

Jr. High Basketball Only Adult (One Price)  $16.00


*Children 5 years of age and under will be admitted for free.

**Please make checks payable to Oswayo Valley High School.

*** Ticket/Season Pass price subject to change.

****All Oswayo Valley residents who are 65 and older would qualify for a top 65 club membership.    Please contact the district office for details.
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